Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Winther

Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Winther  Yogini, Writer, Teacher, Ninja, Meditator, Cancer Survivor, Mom My yogic journey started ten years ago with prenatal yoga as I transitioned from the karate dojo to the yoga studio. I love everything aboutView full post »

An Unexpected Journey through Teacher Training

-A Guest Post by Marissa – My teacher training journey began in 2011 with a very hesitant phone call to Yoga Loft. Suzy Nece picked up and took the time to answer my 108 questions (I’m a recovering Type A) with patience and genuine care.View full post »

An Athlete’s Experience at Yoga Loft

Guest Post by Will Montgomery, stand-out beach volleyball professional In 2013, I flew over 120,000 miles to 30 volleyball tournaments in 12 countries… and suffered 0 injuries along the way. The Yoga Loft was integral in helping me stay soView full post »

Guest Post from Kim – Why I Became a Yoga Teacher

My Holiday Wish for 2013 by Kim Digilio Four years ago, I woke up in a panic in the middle of the night.  For weeks, I had been feeling unwell, the ongoing stomachaches and headaches setting off alarm bells that something was not right.  I feltView full post »

What We CAN do to Help Battle Cancer

When I see the word “cancer,” I see the word CAN first. That is how I am surviving cancer. Everyday, I find different answers to the question, what CAN I do? As someone that has also been on the flip side, watching my amazing sisterView full post »

The F Word ~ Forgiveness

Today I am going to use the “F” word a lot. It’s one of my favorite words.  I am dropping the “F” bomb of ‘forgiveness’.  Look out North Korea, you’re not the only one with an arsenal of crazy!  As I sit in the last sliver of sunlight atView full post »

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind, Spirit

By the end of winter, my Virginia roots are fully in seasonal affective disorder and have me feeling grizzly and wanting to hibernate. I feel cold, brittle, and fragile to the core. All I want to do is zone out, but I’m finding it difficult to passView full post »

Online Tools for Meditation (From MindBodyGreen)

 For today’s meditation tip, we are reposting a great article from MindBodyGreen. Check out the full first version, written by Maureen Sullivan here. Maureen shares three great online tools to help you continue your meditation practice. 1.View full post »

Meditation at Work

Most of us are not  yoga teachers or guide meditations for a living, but taking a few moments to meditate at work no matter what your profession, could boost productivity. It might not be at the top of your boss’s to-do list, but maybe itView full post »

Candle Meditation

The candle meditation is a useful meditation technique because it gives you something physical on which to focus. It can be done as a full meditation or as a warm up for a different meditation of your choice. Take a candle of any type and place itView full post »

Japa Mala / Mantra Meditation

This is a basic meditation in which you can use mala beads (or just a regular yoga strap moved in small increments) to focus your mind on a mantra. Sit comfortably in sukhasana with mala beads or a strap in your right hand. Choose a mantra on whichView full post »

Beaming and Creating Your Future

The Holstee Manifesto. Words to create your future. Today’s Beaming Meditation is also contributed by Seda Aksut.* Use this meditation to create the future you want by activating the law of attraction. When practiced regularly, this meditationView full post »

10 MInute Meditation – Balancing Chakras and Intro to Reiki

This introduction to Reiki and Chakra balancing is provided by Seda Aksut. Seda is a spiritual counselor and Reiki energy healer as well as a Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher. Sit or lie down comfortably . This is a powerful yet simple technique toView full post »

A Walking Meditation for the First Day of Spring

Walking Meditation — from Jack Kornfield When You Walk, Just Walk The natural ease of walking can be used as a direct and simple way to bring centeredness and peace into our life. Walking becomes a meditation when we bring a careful andView full post »


The practice of Metta meditation is a beautiful support to other awareness practices. One recites specific words and phrases evoking a “boundless warm-hearted feeling.” The strength of this feeling is not limited to or by family,View full post »

Gratitude: A Guest Post from Katie G.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.View full post »

Getting It Done — Meditation Multi Tasking

Desperado: Why don’t you come to your senses… in the bathtub? This meditation may not be regulation- I don’t think you will find it in the in the zen master handbook…but as I lay naked (or is it lie “necked”) in the bath tub singing LindaView full post »

Day 6 – Meditation for the Kids

Yoga Loft puts time and energy into providing a yoga space and opportunities for the children in our community. We believe that yoga, and particularly meditation, can provide a calming escape from the hectic world our children live in each day. OneView full post »

Friday’s Mantra: Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Do you know Glenna? If you come to class at Yoga Loft, the chances are high that you have practiced next to Glenna. She’s the beautiful mom to the left of the room who never seems to sweat nearly as much as we do. Glenna is a beautiful soulView full post »

Follow Your Breath

Follow the Breath: During your meditation attach your mind to the breath. While you’re breathing in, note that you’re breathing in, and while you’re breathing out, focus on the exhalation. Don’t manipulate the breath in anyView full post »

How do I Meditate?

How Do I Meditate? From Dinah Alcon of Dinah Alcon Skincare   Meditation is a great way of clearing your mind, reflecting or to just be present. One of the ways I like to spend my time meditating is making a cup of tea. Yes, tea is a multi-millionView full post »

Day 3 – Strategy – The Eye of the Tiger

Today, I enlisted my distraction.  I kept the enemy of my 10 quiet minutes to myself close and befriended my 6 year-old foe!  Dramatic…I know…but it was.  I asked my girl to help me create a cozy, yoga space for us to meditate in as a family.  YouView full post »

Google: What is meditation?

Google: What is meditation?   You will find: “a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent”- “a practice in which an individual trains the mind”- “a broad variety of techniques designed to promote relaxation and build internalView full post »

Up Close: Jessi Harper

Yoga Loft is starting a new series called “Up Close”. Bi-weekly we get up close and personal with one of our instructors to find out what brought them to yoga, why they love the Yoga Loft so much, and what you can expect from theirView full post »

Happening Now at Yoga Loft: Teachers Training Teachers

By Genevieve Pujalet Why Teach Yoga? Shelley Williams and I do love our jobs.  However, being a yoga teacher is an odd career choice.  We spend a large portion of our day telling folks where to place their feet and hands and where to look.  WeView full post »

Evening Meditation Series at Yoga Loft – Starts Tomorrow

Evening Meditation  Wednesday, Oct 10 8:30-9:30pm with Kim Tomorrow  join Yoga Loft Teacher Kim Digilio and Special Guest Mandy Cavan for an exploration of meditation and mindfulness. You’re even welcome to come in your PJs if you’dView full post »

Meet our Newest Family Member, Harold Gim

Yoga Loft welcomes a new man to our family. We are excited for you to meet Harold “H” Gim, who is joining us while Adji is on his global adventure (and hopefully thereafter, too!) How awesome is H?! “Harold “H” Gim wasView full post »

Healthy Habits for Our Teens

Beginning in October, the Yoga Loft is proud to offer teen and pre-teen yoga classes at our studio taught by Kim Digilio.  Let’s give our kids an opportunity to tune out the outside world so they can tune in to their bodies, their minds, and theirView full post »

Special Guest Jamie Elmer Teaches Two Workshops at Yoga Loft

Yoga Loft and Yoga Mittra Teacher Training are excited to have globetrotter and accomplished yoga teacher Jamie Elmer in our space for two special workshops this October. Advanced Applied Anatomy for Yoga takes place October 26-28 and Nov 2-4. YogaView full post »

Forgiveness is Good for Your Health

A series of new medical research on forgiveness points in one direction: a forgiving heart lives longer. In fact, practicing forgiveness was found to be a tool for healing and can result in lower blood pressure and heart rates compared to those whoView full post »

The Art of Asana in Action

On Wednesday we celebrated the lovely Jules Mitchell and the South Bay Yoga Conference that she pulled together. With her 60+ volunteers, Jules created space for the entire South Bay yoga community to come together and share, learn, and grow.View full post »

Music from the South Bay Yoga Conference

Thank you all who attended the South Bay Yoga Conference this past weekend! Here is the playlist from my Yoga Jams Flow on Saturday! You were all such a great group and so fun and inspiring to watch. love and light, JamieView full post »

Music Soothes the Soul

If you’re like us, you need a great playlist to get you moving on Monday. Jamie pulls through again with this week’s installment of Jamie’s Jams. Trevor Hall makes two great appearances on this one with “Good Rain” andView full post »

Yoga Mittra: Teacher Training for the Greater Good

Two of your favorite Yoga Loft teachers are leading a 200 hour Yoga Mittra Foundation Teacher Training this fall! Shelley Williams and Genevieve Pujalet will lead you to a higher understanding of yoga and elevate your practice while giving you theView full post »

More Music, Please!

These summer days have left us here at Yoga Loft inspired by great music in our classes, on the beach, and even at our computers. Summer does that, doesn’t it? Here’s another playlist from Jamie’s Yoga. We’re sureView full post »

A Healing Journey to Self – Yoga/Meditation

This Sunday, July 15, join Seda Aksut for a yoga and meditation workshop: A Healing Journey to Self. We all have an inner physician and our bodies have the tools to heal themselves, but it is our mind that opens up or blocks this healing. In thisView full post »

Groove Is In the Heart!

Have you seen the YouTube Video of the Dance Walk Guru? Joseph the Dance Walking Guru lives in New York and he loves to dance everywhere he goes. He will never be found just walking down the sidewalk-he is always grooving. Joseph just loves toView full post »

We’re Still Jammin’!

The third installment of music for your day from the wonderful Jamie Horgan. Enjoy this playlist while you check out her website, www.jamiesyoga.com.View full post »

Jamie’s Jams Week II

Did you have a lovely weekend full of sunshine like we did? Back again is Jamie Horgan Yoga to share a playlist as great as this weekend was so you can enjoy it all week long. EnjoyView full post »

Complimentary Yoga for Beginners

Christine Comito now hosts a monthly complimentary (karma) beginners yoga class. If you have a friend that could benefit from adding a yoga practice to their life, or if they’ve been curious to try it but a little intimidated to do so, this isView full post »

Karma Potluck and Restorative Class this Sunday

“The shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture.” ― Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto   TanyaView full post »

Jamie’s Jams Week 1

If I asked you why you love Jamie Horgan’s classes you could probably name quite a list. But we all know one of her fortes is a seriously awesome playlist. Once a week now you can find Jamie’s favorite playlist here on our blog. OurView full post »

Are you Blue?

The cities of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach are on a collective quest to become the world’s first Blue Zones Community. The Blue Zones Project™ Vitality City by Healthways, is a community-wide, well-being improvement initiativeView full post »

A Yoga Loft Life

Welcome to the home of our brand new Yoga Loft blog! Here we will share yoga experiences, upcoming events and workshops at Yoga Loft, news stories that we think you might be interested in, and maybe even some great playlists and other things toView full post »