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"With an invitation of "Shall, we dance?" Suzy Nece, the owner of Yoga Loft, creates an environment of creativity and playfulness. After making sure she introduces herself and meets each new person in the room, Suzy moves beyond the traditional sun salutation into a creative vinyasa flow explosion that leaves you feeling like you are, well, dancing on your yoga mat. Suzy's strong movement background and complex understanding of the way the body works grounds her inventive flow with structure and alignment. Oh, and did we mention how funny she is? You'll find yourself LOL more than once as you move through class."

Quote from Mindful Yoga Health

Love is Love: Meditation Flash Mob

"I wanted to create a peaceful opportunity for my daughter to feel how much people care and how strong we are when we gather our energy. So this is a chance to slow down, get quiet and create a wave of consciousness, to literally sit on the pier in this ‘sea of humanity’ and show signs of positivity."


Manduka Yoga Mat

“And for someone who fears commitment that $100 mat was a big step, but one I’ve never regretted.”


Max Strom at Yoga Loft

“I always feel empowered for a fresh start when I hear him speak. It’s motivating and I feel deeply rooted in myself and profoundly connected to this beautiful yoga community of seekers and survivors.”


Best Yoga: Yoga Loft

Never underestimate what a small group of strong, highly flexible women can do. Yoga studios have popped up all over the South Bay in recent years, but what Yoga Loft owner Suzy Nece describes as “the little studio that could” has somehow managed to rise above the yogic din.


The Laughing Yogini

One of Nece’s particular gifts has been to make yoga just as accessible to people who can’t touch their toes as to those who can do so backward, forward, or upside down. Her yoga offers lightness of being. By not being so serious, people are able to more seriously delve into yoga.


Hilarious with a Pure Soul

I love going to work every day at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach- I have an amazing ocean view studio but MY VIEW IS THE BEST. As my students watch the waves on the ocean – I look back at them and am inspired by the waves of smiles I see.